Are you wondering what’s to come in the future of agriculture and who will lead the agritech revolution?
16 & 17 NOVEMBER 2020
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Join in for the 2-day online event and learn about disruptive deeptech solutions, corporation and startup agritech innovations and meet relevant stakeholders!

Future of Agritech – Online Summit powered by Design Terminal is an agritech conference all about the future of agriculture. We bring together the startups, founders, corporations, investors, ecosystem builders and other experts of the agritech industry to share their insight of a resilient and innovative sector based on digitalisation.

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Hot Topics

New technologies in the agrifood sector? Urban farming? Climate change? Here you can find the most thrilling topics and professionals with various backgrounds.


Learn from the new faces of agriculture, and learn more how agritech startups are rejuvinating the sector


Connect with others, share your thoughts and look for like minded participants!

Main topics


10:00 – 10:15

1on1: Present & future challenges of agriculture

What are the current challenges of agriculture? How can we respond to these or solve them? What challenges await us in the future? A brief overview of the agriculture in the present and the future.

Doris Marquardt

European Commission DG Agri ProgrammeOfficer, Belgium

10:20 – 10:50

Panel talk: The rise of digitalisation in agriculture

New technologies and digitalisation are transforming agriculture and offering new opportunities in the food and agro bussiness.

Grigoris Chatzikostas

Vice President of FoodScale Hub, Serbia

Tamás Éder

Vice president of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture and head of corporate relations at Bonafarm Ltd., Hungary

11:05 – 11:20

Panel talk: Drones or satellites: space data usage in agriculture

Where and by how much can arable land be reduced? Where is the greatest drought or flood or inland water expected? Where, for how long can drinking water supply be sufficient? And how satellite images can answer these questions?

Inbal Becker-Reshef

Director of NASA Harvest, USA

Joana Kamenova

Outreach and Business Analyst at European Space Agency, England

11:25 – 11:45

Panel talk: Robots on the fields

What will automation be capable of in the future? How does it effect the agricultural sector? Self-propelled tractors will take over farmers' jobs?

Kevin Doolin

Director of Innovation @Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland

Erik Pekkeriet

Wageningen University & Research

14:00 – 14:20

Panel: Next-gen leaders in agritech

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs bring renewal to agriculture. New wave technologies replace traditional ways of production. Who are the leaders of the new agricultural revolution?

Borris Förster

eccelerate Associate Partner; Mentor @ BayWa/RWA Agro Innovation Lab, Germany

Stuart Oda

CEO of Alesca Life Technologies, China

14:25 – 14:45

1on1: A new wave of agriculture + Q&A session

Agricultural society is ageing, however agriculture is not attractive for young professionals. Will the spread of agritech be the solution to this problem?

Attila Csányi

CEO of Bonafarm Zrt., Hungary

14:50 – 15:05

Panel talk: Startup and corporate collaboration

How a corporation can integrate a startup into its day-to-day operations? Why is it important to incorporate these solutions? A concrete example from the incubation program of the Hungarian NAK TechLab.

Nadilia Gomez

executive director at Iowa Agritech Accelerator, USA

Balogh Viktor Ferenc

marketing director at KITE, Hungary



Andrea Joós

Andrea Joós is a freelance science communicator, biology teacher, journalist and the host of BrainBar Festival. Her main passions include raising public awareness of the importance of environmental consciousness, and showing how endlessly cool biology and science is.

Attila Hudecz

Attila Hudecz has worked in the corporate world for over 15 years. As a seasoned business professional he turned his focus to driving innovation in farming as the CEO of Growberry, a controlled farming startup. He is passionate about plants, his team and driving real change in controlled farming across the world.


István Arnócz

Space Apps
István Arnócz is the CEO of Space Apps, he is always looking for possible use-cases to utilize Space data for end-users. With Space Apps, Agriculture was our initial target market. Beekeeping is in our focus, as they can benefit from all four areas: Earth Observation, IoT devices, helped by AI, and Web applications. Space Apps was not founded to race with other industry players, but to make an example of a profitable space focused enterprise, with strong market focus.

Joana Kamenova

European Space Agency
Joana Kamenova is part of the Innovation and Ventures Office at ESA Space Solutions, where she focuses on stakeholder engagement with Member States and increasing the uptake of space-enabled solutions. Joana has country management responsibility for Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the UK.

Ru Wikmann

Ru Wikmann is a technology enthusiast with a marketing background and a self-taught web developer. He's the CEO of BeeSage - a beehive monitoring system that provides real-time data to beekeepers, helping them take care of their colonies by saving time and reducing bee mortality. The startup was born at an IoT hackathon in February and they are currently running a pilot with 10 beekeepers in Latvia and planning to launch to the public within a few months.

Csaba Vaszkó

Greenstreams Consultancy
Csaba Vaszkó is consultant of climate change at Greenstreams Consultancy, former climate expert for WWF. Csaba strongly believes being flexible and apaptive is key as more frequent and intensive extreme weather events are expected.

Gábor Bertényi

Agri Kulti
Gábor Bertényi is the founder of Agri Kulti Research Atelier. He is working on re-establishing the connection between City and Rural Areas through various models of of bioregional development; like fully transparent short food supply chains, Farmers’ Markets and other local-resource based, sustainable food-systems. He is the co-owner of Házikó Farm Group: a living lab of business-based sustainability and community-based agro-innovation.

Grigoris Chatzikostas

FoodScale Hub
Grigoris Chatzikostas is an expert in financing innovation in agtech and foodtech. He is managing multi-national and cross-sectoral consortia, developing proposals for EU funding and coordinating large-scale projects that promote tech-enabled entrepreneurship in the agrifood sector. As an engaging public speaker and trainer, he makes complex subjects related to EU funding and technologies accessible and easy to understand.

Dror Tamir

Hargol FoodTech
Dror Tamir is serial food and nutrition entrepreneur. His passion is improving the health of children and families through better nutrition. Dror Tamir is the CEO & co-founder at Hargol FoodTech, a startup company, dedicated to the development and production of alternative protein ingredient from edible grasshoppers, the world’s first commercial grasshopper farm and owner of Biblical Protein brand.

Juan Francisco Delgado

European Foundation for Innovation and Technological Development
Juan’s family has always been traditional farmers, but he tried to help the producer communities, and the agri-food chain in general, to introduce innovation in their processes to improve their practices and productivity, and care for the environment with the help of technology. He and his team managed to get producers and farmers to work with solutions (Blockchain technology, Big Data) made by young entrepreneurs around the world.

Iona Dobrescu

Water Footprint Implementation
Ioana Dobrescu is a water expert and project manager at Water Footprint Implementation where she works with international public and private organizations on quantifying, analyzing and reducing water use at different stages in the value chain. Ioana is also involved in the European Junior Water Programme since 2019 and works to deliver on-the-field, innovative water learning programmes for youth world-wide via the Wetskills Water Challenges Foundation.

Gábor Rosta

Urban Gardens Association
Gábor Rosta is a community developer, President of the Urban Gardens Association, founder of seven community gardens in Budapest. He is the author of two books, Urban homestead (2010) and Community gardens (2013).

Réka Szöllősi

Federation of Hungarian Food Industries
Réka Szöllősi is the Communications Lead and Regulatory Manager of the Federation of Hungarian Food Industries. Food communication specialist, translator, expert in EU and HU food legislation, with special interest in sustainable food production.

Doris Marquardt

European Commission, Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, Unit B2, Research and Innovation
Dr. Doris Marquardt works for the European Commission,in the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development since July 2019 focussing on the digitalisation of the agricultural sector and rural areas and at Research and Innovation.

Tamás Éder

Bonafarm Zrt.
Tamás Éder is the director of public affairs at Bonafarm Zrt. Tamás is the president of the Federation of Hungarian Food Industries, president of the Hungarian Meat Industry Federation, vice president of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture.

Gábor Szalkai

Bayer Hungaria
Gábor Szalkai is the Public Affairs and Sustainability manager of Bayer Hungaria. He is open minded, enthusiastic person on advocacy, plant protection, plant health, innovation. Gabor’s vision of future Agritech is, more professional experience, authentic technical information, respectful communication for better and sustainable production, to motivate cooperation of farmers, generations and companies.

Stuart Oda

Alesca Life
Stuart Oda is an investment banker turned urban farmer with a passion for innovation and sustainability. In 2013, Stuart founded Alesca Life, an agricultural technology company that builds indoor, vertical farms and farm management solutions to make food production more localized and data-driven.

Kirill Zelenski

Intellectual Farms oy
Kirill is leader and business development strategist with more than 20 years of experience enhancing corporate visibility and profitability in different industries. He is Master in Business by education, expert in different cultures, worked in Europe, MiddleEast and APAC, Americas and Russia, living in Finland, married with 3 kids. Spare time spending skiing and reading, playing chess.

Dr. Nadilia Gomez

Iowa AgriTech Accelerator
Dr. Nadilia Gomez is the Executive Director of the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator, a mentor-led program for agtech entrepreneurs focusing on technologies that are relevant to the future of the Midwest farm. Prior to leading the accelerator, Nadilia worked at Corteva Agriscience where she held various roles in corporate innovation teams developing new digital products and servicess. She currently serves on the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council.

Viktor Balogh

Viktor Balogh graduated as an agricultureal mechnical engineer. He is the marketing director of KITE Zrt. Beforehand he has gained experiences in product management, sales network managemant and led the Machinery sales department. His main driving factors are the continous innnovation and complex sales solution development.

Borris Förster

Borris is Associate Partner at eccelerate, a boutique technology strategy consultancy, Founding Partner at FOODnext Think Tank. He has advised Fortune 500 companies and mid-caps on global AgriFood and investment strategy and serves as advisor and mentor to innovation labs and startups in the AgriFood industry.

Kevin Doolin

Waterford Institute of Technology
Kevin has acted as the Director of Innovation in Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) since 2017, where his primary focus is on the applied and commercial research aspects of the organisation. Kevin’s main research interests include context-aware systems and pervasive computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems for Smart Agriculture/Cities etc.

Inbal Becker-Reshef

NASA Harvest
Dr. Becker-Reshef is the Director of NASA Harvest, (NASA’s Applied Science Program on Food Security and Agriculture housed at University of Maryland), Program Scientist at the GEOGLAM Secretariat and Visiting Professor at University of Strasbourg. Her work is focused on the application of satellite information for agricultural monitoring from the field to global scales, in support of decisions in food security and agricultural markets and sustainability.

Attila Csányi

Bonafarm Zrt.
As the Chief Executive Officer of Bonafarm Zrt. and member of the Board, Mr. Csányi has been managing the Bonafarm Group since 2009. He established Bonafarm Zrt. and organised several major agricultural and food industry companies – e.g. Pick Szeged Zrt., Sole-Mizo Zrt, Bóly Zrt., Dalmand Zrt. and Csányi Winery - into a group and streamlined their activities through finding synergies among them.

Erik Pekkeriet

Wageningen University & Research
Erik Pekkeriet is the Programme Manager Agro Food Robotics at Wageningen University & Research. Next to that he is the network coordinator of the European Digital Innovation Hub Network agROBOfood. Together with his team he is working towards more autonomy of food production systems to secure a more sustainable way of production and a happy available agri-food workforce.


About X-Europe

X-Europe builds a bridge between regions and tech companies across Europe through events, media, training, and acceleration.
With a focus on the Baltics, the Visegrad region, and Western Europe, the programme connects 150 deeptech startups with corporations, investment firms, and ecosystem builders. X-Europe is helping opportunities cross borders, thus, creating diverse new European tech communities.
Within 2 years the program will cover six deeptech trends. Each cohort addresses a single trend. The 26 chosen startups from the AgriTech cohort are coming to the event as well.

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Design Terminal is Central Europe’s leading innovation agency that builds ‘Innovation Champions’ through corporate partnerships and talent acceleration. They believe entrepreneurial culture is based on optimism, which drives meaningful innovation. Design Terminal gives corporate leaders and startup founders the knowledge and access they need to catalyze innovation across any organization. Incubation programs are up and running in twelve countries, and since 2014 the organization has worked with more than 1000 startups and several leading corporations.


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The European Commission recognized our efforts by the European Enterprise Promotion Award (EEPA) in 2014, and in 2016 we obtained the award for the best Hungarian accelerator, as part of the Central European Startup Awards.